Specialist focus &
proven expertise

Contrarily to conventional executive search companies, we are well experienced in searching not only individual specialists, but also entire corporations and therefore we support our clients in the area of business development as well. Precision is essential here and is guaranteed by a thorough briefing at the beginning and systematic feedback during the search process.

We work for leading companies in the following core areas:

  • management
  • board of directors
  • specialists, primarily in the areas of law, taxes, fiduciary, auditing
  • specialists in health care
  • specialists in computer science and technology

Business Development

We provide clients with recruitment advisory services to build up and expand their businesses. This allows us – similarly to the conventional executive search process – to provide contacts to our clients but also to support them with their strategy to enter the market. From experience, the process unfolds differently for each situation and client, yet it is similar to the executive search process.

Executive Search

We follow a specific procedure when searching for specialists and executives: